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Saxon Merino Wool ~ Hand Dyed On The Farm

...doughy pillows of softness.
— Clara Parkes


Thea Colman’s Hudson Valley Cider done in our Undyed Worsted weight Merino wool. Pattern available on Ravelry.


Every Saturday, year round, we are at Union Square Greenmarket in Manhattan and Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn. Stop by to meet our team, feel our Saxon Merino wool and ask questions.

Friends of the Sheep


Eugene Wyatt

Our Founder

In 1990, just four years after Australia lifted its ban on exporting Merino genetics, Eugene Wyatt flew to Melbourne and selected five world-class Saxon Merino rams to serve as the foundation of his flock. A first-generation, self-taught farmer, Eugene spent the next 28 years cultivating one of the most remarkable flocks in the United States. His mission was to produce the gold standard of Saxon Merino wool, and he stayed true to that mission until his death in May 2018.

photo credit: Francesco Mastalia




Working side by side with Eugene for 13 years, Dominique learned from the best what it means to be a shepherd. Her love of the sheep was apparent to Eugene and is the reason he left them in her care. Preserving these sheep, preserves Eugene’s memory. The sheep get the best care possible and we continue to produce superfine Saxon merino wool “It is a dream job, something I was born to do.”

photo credit: Hannah Maxwell